Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg 15, Amsterdam-Noord

Tanker Impro || 10 mei

This time @ Tanker impro  X Gigi Gratt, Richie Herbst, Jäger/Stadhouders/Klein/Petruccelli

3 sets by:

Gigi Gratt:
“Das ganze Doppelalbum” is the first solo release of Gigi Gratt aka Gigaldi. Since 2005 Gratt plays in intense bands like the improvisation trio Nirwakia with Wolf Lobo Eisberg and Martin ‘Hipi’ Hiptmair. At the same time he started with Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi) the band Tumido. But Gratt also created Gigi’s Gogos, a 13 piece orchestra built around improvisation conducted by Gigi. This project transferred into the GIS Orchestra, an Upper Austrian improvisation orchestra, with up to 30 musicians (organised in collaboration with Waschaecht Wels (Unlimited Festival). Gratt comes from Ottensheim, he is one of the key pillars of Ottensheim Open Air and organises shows for KOMA, a culture association doing shows at changing spaces. He is playing E-Guitar in the post-math-rock quartet of NI, next to BRAAZ a quartet between Jazz and Noiserock, with a lot of space for improvisation. These days Gratt is also playing at DRUMSKI a collective working in a traditional way with (upper-)austrian proverbs. And if he is not involved in new projects, his next other band is ROMANOVSTRA working in a new way with hungarian proverbs.

Richie Herbst:
Richard “Richie” Herbst (born 1976) is an austrian sound activist and based in Graz, often credited simply as Herbst. He uses Analog Modular Synthesizer and Effects. Beside his solo performances, Herbst is part of FS Massaker and the Regolith band. He was involved in collaborations with ZS (us), Patrick Wurzwallner, Tumido, Armin Steiner (of Thilges3), Didi Neidhart (as The Pooka Boys), Robert Lepenik, Franz Gurt, Markus Decker, Angelica Castelló and he is part of the GIS Orchester (Schl8hof Wels) also in special collaborations with STIO, Christof Kurzmann, Elisabeth Harnik & Fred Frith.
Herbst is cofounder of the label Interstellar Records. Since 2003 he is running the radio show „Final Transmission Radio Show” on austrian community Radio Fro / Linz and Radio Helsinki / Graz. Contribute articles and reviews for the „Freistil Magazin”.
Richie Herbst is part of the

Local support from:
Gerri Jäger, drums
Jasper Stadhouders, gitaar
Miguel Petruccelli, bass
Tobias Klein, rieten

All of this only for € 7,-

Doors open at 8:30pm
Start 9:00pm

Tanker Team • 26 april, 2019

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