Thalia Laric & Jonathan Nagel – TOUCH SOUND
Tones of touch form the blueprint for this sound and movement duet. 
What is the connection between movement and sound? Certainly sonicality can inspire to move, and dance can be an interpretation of music. But at the same time sounds from an acoustic instrument are also physically triggered by motion, a stroke of a bow, a pluck of a string, a knock on wood. In order to research this double-sided relationship, Thalia Laric and Jonathan Nagel in their duet work explore abandoning the traditional roles of musician, dancer, instrument, in order to permutate all given elements in various ways. What happens when a movement gets translated from one human body to another, which then triggers a noise? What happens when an instrument becomes a dance partner? Where are potential passageways for transformation from physical to sonic events and vice-versa? How can touch influence music?
It is our goal to invite the audience to experience new relations between movement and sound, to unveil questions about roles in performance art, and to highlight the commonalities between different art forms and genres. 
Michele Mazzini – Soundwalls
These compositions without scores are the last creative efforts I made during the first lockdown before ceasing my instrument practice for several months. Now, at more then one year of distance since their creation, I picked them up again and dusted them off. And they’re ready to come to light again.

“Lockdown litanies” by Robbert van Hulzen

The lockdown litanies came out of the first covid lockdown in 2020. All concerts, workshops, rehearsals cancelled, I asked friends and strangers for sounds from their daily lives. I recieved beats made by children with pots and pans (or a drum kit, or a computer), home-bound dancers’ dogs & garage doors, friends who sang or played instruments, a little boy destroying his little drum kit, and much more. I also recorded my own surroundings: cutlery, a siren, dripping water, my breakfast bowl. I sampled, layered, mangled, combined, processed, and arranged these sounds into seven tracks, the stories of the strange spring of 2020.
After releasing finished versions of these track, I cut them up again and loaded them into what could be described as my version of a live DJ set. Against a backdrop of ambient recordings, I improvise an ongoing set, putting the songs back together again, layered, in new combinations, with effects and other adjustments made on the spot.
I am still developing this concept and am starting to use my hybrid electro-acoustic drum set as a controller as well. I am hoping to find people to work with using this approach, both musicians and artists from other disciplines: dance, theatre, who knows who else. I’m very happy to be part of Encuentros; I see it as a great opportunity to have conversations about this work and how to go on with it, hear your opinions and advice.


ZATERDAG 19 JUNI van 19:00 tot 20:00

De voorstellingen zijn gratis maar er zijn binnen maar een beperkt aantal (10) plaatsen. Dus kom op tijd. Buiten is het enigszins misschien ook te volgen maar dat kunnen we niet garanderen.

De bar is open vanaf 14:00 uur. We schenken ook ‘to-go’ in karton, als u verder wilt wandelen dan ons terras. Maar het is altijd fijn als u uw eigen kopje meeneemt.

Omdat er maar 10 zitplaatsen zijn is reserveren verplicht.